George OfosuheneChief Executive Officer

Areas of Expertise
  • Banking & Finance
  • Project Evaluation & Appraisal
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Corporate Financing

The management team is led by Mr. George Ofosuhene, a seasoned banker with many years of high level banking expertise in the banking industry. George is a well-known pioneer in crafting financing solutions to address the growing needs of various business sectors in the economy as well as enabling businesses to take advantage of emerging opportunities. The team also includes highly experienced managers in finance and administration, credit and marketing as well as other key areas including legal and treasury operations to safeguard and grow the funds you entrust to us.

George Ofosuhene, the chief executive of BOND has over¬† 24 years’ experience in banking. He has previously worked extensively in high level positions in three different merchant banks in Ghana.

The CEO first worked as an investment officer at Merchant Bank Ghana Limited where he was responsible for the development of merchant banking products, project evaluation and appraisal, assisting in the identification of potential investors for projects, offering advice on investment opportunities, incentives, privatization, and mergers and acquisition transactions. Second, Mr. Ofosuhene in 1992 joined the former Meridian BIAO Bank (now part of Ecobank group) as deputy head of the Corporate Finance Department where he successfully provided corporate advisory services and structured various financial packages for clients, before moving up to head of corporate finance/credits at the bank in 1994.

The BOND CEO was the immediate past Executive Director, Credit & Marketing, of First Atlantic Merchant Bank where he played a huge role in its growth and development from 1995 to 2007.