Company History

BOND is a Non Bank Financial Institution licensed in 2007 under NBFI law PNDC Law 328 to provide financial services. The company commenced operations as a Finance House in 2008 and was able to acquire a Savings and Loans license in its fifth year of operation. The idea to establish a finance house was mooted by seasoned businessman Mr. Krobo Edusei Jnr. of the Safebond Group having realized the need of business for financing solutions that are crafted to meet their specific challenges. From humble beginnings BOND has confidently navigated through the turbulent courses of the financial services industry with distinction. Bond is now a household name and takes pride in the wide portfolio of loyal customers who have not just passed through its corridors but customers who have been with the company since inception in fulfilment of the proposition to support and be with them every step of the way.

What We Do

As a Savings and Loans Company licensed and supervised by Bank of Ghana, it is an establishment authorized to mobilize deposits and provide financial support like any other bank. BOND specializes in and delivers an array of financing solutions that best serve the exact needs of the client.

At BOND, products and services are structured to enable customers enjoy the benefits of one stop financing solutions. These financing solutions are anchored on the strongest ethical and professional standards in the industry to build and maintain mutual trust, integrity, honesty and fairness, among other core bonding values. The corner stone of the service promise is to explore every possible avenue to address the customer’s needs.

Our standard offerings are always customizable to address each customer’s challenges, needs, and capacity, without constraining the customer’s ability to innovate and become competitive. To enable the customer to realize the fruits of this golden age of business, BOND takes into account other business needs that are crucial in ensuring that financial resources deliver the necessary flexibility and competitiveness. Each customer’s needs provide our finance house the opportunity to deliver services in a timely and efficient manner.

Differentiation is the essence of strategy, the prime source of competitive advantage. You earn money not just by performing a valuable task, but by being different from your competitors in a manner that lets you serve your core customers better and more profitably.