The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) has recognized and rewarded BOND Savings and Loans Plc. for its creativity in advertising its products. The Institute, impressed with the rare display of initiative and creativity, adjudged the ‘Be Bold’ advert the CIMG Outdoor Advert of the Year, 2017.

This was at the 29thNational Marketing Performance Awards organized recently by the Institute in Accra on the theme ‘Marketing: A catalyst for driving Ghana Beyond Aid’.

A citation presented to the company read “the agenda was to encourage customers to take a bold step, switching their accounts from other financial institutions to a BOND account and you intricately used words, imagery and graphics to precisely spell out your intentions.” “The powerful visuals and graphics solidly portray you as a dependable and solid financial partner capable of delivering on promise,” the citation said.

Head of Marketing at BOND, Mr. Ahn-zim-Wusa-Manga told this reporter” the advert was borne out of the eternal creativity of staff of the company; we conceptualized the whole thing.” According to him, if they were going to advertise all the products available on different bill boards it would not be ideal so they went in for just one concept which was ‘Bold.’

Using the word BOLD as an acronym, the company spelt out its various offerings. “The B stands for believing in yourself; believing means you can always depend on your financial institutions, in this case BOND for any product or service you are looking for,” he said.

The ‘O’ which stands for ownership threw light on the hybrid products BOND has assembled for consumers. “You can own a house, you can buy a car and even electronic appliances through BOND,” Mr. Manga said.

The ‘L’ is meant to encourage customers to live their dreams, by taking up to BOND’s varied investment products which will afford them the opportunity to relax during their years of retirement from active work.

“The ‘D’ stands for dreaming big and customers realizing their dreams through by patronizing the products of BOND. BOND also grabbed the Savings and Loans Company of the Year, 2017 award.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BOND, Mr. George Ofosuhene attributed the success of the Company to its loyal customers and hardworking, intelligent and innovative staff. “They are the reason why we are where we are. I want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers; also to thank our gallant workers who make BOND what is.”

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