Company History

BOND is a Non Bank Financial Institution licensed in 2007 under NBFI law PNDC Law 328 to provide financial services. The company commenced operations as a finance house in 2008 and was able to acquire a Savings and Loans license in its fifth year of operation. The idea to establish a finance house was mooted by seasoned businessman Mr. Krobo Edusei Jnr. of the Safebond Group having realized the need of business for financing solutions that are crafted to meet their specific challenges. From humble beginnings BOND has confidently navigated through the turbulent courses of the financial services industry with distinction. BOND is now a household name and takes pride in the wide portfolio of loyal customers who have not just passed through its corridors but customers who have been with the company since inception in fulfilment of the proposition to support and be with them every step of the way.

What We Do

As a Savings and Loans Company licensed and supervised by Bank of Ghana, we are authorized to mobilize deposits and give loans to the general public. BOND specializes in delivering an array of financing solutions that best serve the exact needs of the client.

Vision Statement

To be the choice in the provision of tailored and innovative financing solutions that inspire and generate growth to financially empower all stakeholders to achieve prosperity.

Mission Statement

To provide relationship-based financial services that focus on value-driven, innovative products and services through branch network efficiencies, strong branding and exceptional coordination that delivers stability and ultimately lead to sustainable long term stakeholder value.

Business Goals & Objectives

The provision of first class customer service by leveraging on investment in people and technology.
Focusing on our core business/competencies providing short term loans and investment opportunities to individuals and corporate institutions
Ensuring that staff are well motivated and have a conducive work environment.
Recruiting and retaining the best human resource to carry out BSL's mandate.
Applying best practices in internal policies, procedures, processes, and delivery.
Constant improvement in shareholder value.

Core Values

The relationship with Bond and the financial services you will enjoy are anchored on the following fundamental core values:

We inspire trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically and encouraging honest and open debate amongst both staff and management. We would ensure this translates to our relationship with our external clients as well.

We know if we do not constantly innovate, we will become extinct. We are creative and strive to connect new ideas with business realities. Ideas come from everywhere; feedback from clients, challenges with existing products and gaps in the market.

We seek to attract the best talent with a Can Do Attitude whose only objective is to deliver outstanding results to all stakeholders.

We know our partners, clients and colleagues can rely on us to meet and exceed their expectation with every request made. We know by so doing, we turn our clients into advocates for our business. Advocates do more than business with us.

BONDs Value Proposition to Customers in its Core Market

Our commitment to provide superior value is total because our main objective is to meet the ever changing and diverse financial needs of your business. In all circumstances, we believe that our relationship with you is crucial to the success of Bond. Every contact, complaint, and feedback we get from you provides further avenues for us to improve our services and relationship with you. We welcome your every thought that shows us how we can improve the financing solutions we craft specifically to meet your needs. The partnership prescribed by these basics will underlie our relationship and trust that will drive your confidence in growing your business and opportunities with our services and support.

Fairness and Dependability
Adhering to the strongest ethical and professional standards, we at Bond will ensure that our services give you the dependable option, second to none, at a fair price.

Strong Ethics and Professionalism
BOND's business is grounded in strong ethical and professional standards that transcend the regulatory framework of the non-bank financial services industry in Ghana. BOND is directed and led by seasoned professionals who have accumulated years of expertise and proficiency and maintained the highest level of ethics and professionalism in the financial services industry.

Reliability and Responsibility
BOND's operations incorporate systems and processes to ensure performance consistent with unlimited customer access to our high quality, one stop, total, financing solutions. Our keen sense of responsibility in partnership with you will ensure that our services are timely, accessible, concrete and simple. All these will be accomplished without exposing the customer to bureaucracy, with the highest attention to minimization of risk.
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